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November 30th, 2010

social mediaSuccess begins with a plan. Yet when it comes to social media, most dive in without a thorough understanding of objectives, platforms, tactics, requirements, responsibilities and metrics for measuring performance.

Most marketers also fail to understand the pitfalls and shortcomings that can prevent them from achieving their social media marketing goals, including:

  • content that is overly promotional
  • content that is not engaging or relevant to target audiences
  • a one-way outbound approach to communicating (it’s all about me!)
  • failing to build a network (without reach, there is no ROI)
  • one-off isolated efforts vs. an integrated approach

What most lack is a comprehensive social media strategy.  To address this growing need, I developed a new presentation to help marketers understand the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls of social media marketing while providing an operational framework for developing a social media strategy.

My presentation “Social Media Strategy” addresses the following:

  • 5 point business case for social media
  • 7 common pitfalls of social media (and steps to avoid them)
  • 10 point outline for a social media strategy

This presentation provides the information you need to craft a social media strategy.  If you find it valuable, please feel free to comment below and share with others.  Enjoy and good luck with your social media strategy!

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Barriers to Social Media Marketing

July 15th, 2009

I saw a very good question today on LinkedIn Answers (great place to ask, answer and learn about things in your industry!) and thought it was worth writing about in my blog.  The question was “Why aren’t more companies testing social media marketing?”  I thought about it for a few minutes and crafted what I thought was an insightful answer.  Hopefully you will agree!

What are the barriers to Social Media Marketing?  In addition to legal  (liability? truth in advertising)? and brand management issues (what if our tweets violate our brand guidelines!), I believe there are three primary issues that impede companies from leveraging Social Media:

1. The Business Case for Social Media
While most intuitively believe social media is a low-cost way to extend your reach, build your brand and drive new business, most need hard data to justify the investment of time, energy and resources (people). And in this climate, few are going to stick their neck out to try something that isn’t embraced by CXOs.  BTW – I heard there’s a very insightful presentation available for viewing on the Business Case for Social Media.

2. Limited Understanding and Resources
In my experience, most brand marketers are overwhelmed and confused by social media. They usually don’t know what to do, where to start or how to plan and budget for it. Ask 5 members of your team what you should do, and you’ll probably get 5 different answers.  In better times, brands would hire an agency to help them figure this out (psst – I heard this agency rocks), but when dollars are tight and the risk threshold is low, it’s easy to push this off until the business climate improves.

3. Lack of Capabilities
There is a lot of noise in the social media space, and no shortage of self-proclaimed SM experts. But don’t forget great players are not necessarily great coaches. While there are thousands of individuals who have used social media to build their own brands, I believe most are very tactical in their approach. They can create a Twitter account and show you how to Tweet, but few have the knowledge and skills to develop a strategic plan that defines the audiences, objectives, resources, tactics, tools and metrics for measuring and optimizing results.  When your goal is to build your brand and grow your business, you need a strategy.  As reported last week in one of many articles I read, “Twitter is a tool, not a strategy”.  I couldn’t agree more.

As the market matures and the economy improves, more marketers will dip their toe into the Social Media stream (excuse the pun!). This creates opportunities for those who can secure C-level support, develop a solid plan and execute against defined objectives. IMHO these cases are quite rare these days.  But there is always hope!

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