Media Attribution Demystified

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Attribution is quickly becoming a hot-topic among brands, agencies, publishers, networks and DSPs.  Fueled by the resurgence in Display Advertising, there is a new pressure to measure the impact of video, rich media and banner ads in a way that is appropriate and insightful.  While we all intuitively realize that traditional metrics for measuring online ad performance (click-through rates, cost per click, direct conversion rates, direct cost per conversion, etc.) may work well for search, but not for media at the top of the funnel.  To properly measuring performance of display media, we need a new approach.  And while everyone agrees Attribution is the answer, not everyone agrees on how to go about it.

While most think Attribution is only for those with big budgets, there are many affordable ways to attribute credit to each media channel while learning how to optimize your digital media mix.   In the presentation below, we define attribution, discuss the differences between Operational Attribution and Media Mix Modeling, and provide some tips on how you can determine what is working and what is not, even without an Attribution solution.

The following presentation “Media Attribution and Measurement” was recently presented at the 2011 Online Marketing Summit.  It was written for marketers of all levels, but preferably those who are scratching their heads trying to answer the following questions:

1. What is Attribution?
2. How do we do it?
3. What should I expect to find?

Media Attribution and Measurement – OMS 2011  

I hope you find this to be informative and insightful.  If you like it, share it!
Steve Latham, Founder and ceo

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