Russ Capper Interviews Steve Latham for The BusinessMakers Radio Show

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Steve Latham is interviewed by Russ Capper, host of The BusinessMakers Radio Show.

Key topics of discussion and questions answered:

  • What is the history of Spur Interactive & Spur Digital as it relates to Encore Media Metrics?
  • How did Encore Media Metrics evolve out of Spur and what challenges did you encounter during the transition?
  • What needs did you identify in the industry and how did you did you learn of those needs?
  • How did you plan for and initiate the buyout of Spur Interactive?
  • Challenges of turning the platform into a product (Packaging, pricing, marketing, positioning, supporting)
  • Location challenges and the digital advertising hub of New York City
  • Nuts and bolts of how Encore Media Metrics helps clients measure and optimize media through better analytics and metrics
  • Display vs. Search and other advertising types and their impact/value depending on a user’s position in the funnel

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