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June 7th, 2010 by Steve Latham Leave a reply »

This evening a friend asked me how to post a Presentation on your facebook profile.  I thought it might make for an informative post, so here’s what I told her:

1. Go to Slideshare and create an account.  Slideshare is like Youtube for Powerpoint – a great platform for sharing all types of content.

2. Upload your presentation to your slideshare account (it’s pretty easy – just click “upload” and follow instructions)

3. Once uploaded, copy the link to your presentation and post it in your FB wall post.  I recommend you first shorten the URL using or so it’s shorter, less likely to break, and you can track click-throughs to the presentation.

4. For permanent posting, add the Slideshare App to your Facebook account. This will allow synch with your presentations on Slideshare and present them inside the Slideshare tab on your profile.  For an example, see my Slideshare tab.

I hope this is helpful.  If so – feel free to share with others!

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