FAQ: Can you tell me about a success story you’ve had with a particular engagement?

February 16th, 2012 by encoresupport Leave a reply »

In a recent campaign we measured for a leading media agency and their client (national retailer), we not only identified the top performers from a CPA standpoint, but we also found that 60% of impressions were wasted.  In fact, 82% of impressions seen by visitors were served to 6% of visitors with an average Frequency of 515 impressions over 45 days (average frequency for remaining visitors was 9).  We then determined that only 4.2 impressions were needed to drive a conversion, indicating a significant opportunity to optimize the campaign by limiting frequency and re-allocating budget to the top performing media vendors.

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  1. Steve Latham says:

    Yes you can read the case study we published and presented at Ad-Tech in April 2012 at http://bit.ly/KfYQZn
    Thanks for stopping by!

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