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In early June I was fortunate to be one of 350 ad tech CEOs who attended LUMA Partners’ Digital Media Summit in NYC, featuring the best and brightest in the industry.  I’ve been to some great networking events before (IAB, 4A’s, etc.) but this was tough to beat.

In addition to meeting some amazing people, one of the highlights was the release of the latest display ad landscape or “LUMAscape” aka “the slide” that was originally produced by Terence Kawaja in 2010.  For those who are new to display advertising (or have been out of the market for the last 3 years), buying display media is like buying a house: you also need phone service, internet, cable, gas, electricity, dog-walking, etc.  In this case, Media is the house; ancillary services include ad verification, OBA compliance, data/tag management, audience measurement, ad serving, and our favorite: attribution.

The newest version of the slide is getting ever closer to accurately depicting all the segments and sub-segments that comprise the digital advertising landscape.  It also marked the debut of Encore Media Metrics as a recognized leader in the Attribution and Measurement category.

“The Slide”may also viewed on slideshare or you can download the LUMA Display Landscape here.

The industry is extremely fragmented, and is likely to stay that way for a while.  So if you want to play in the display advertising space (either as a buyer, seller or manager) you need to understand the difference between a DSP, DMP and SSP without yelling “WTF!”  Yes, it’s easier said than done but this map should help you get started.

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