Encore Launches New Attribution Platform

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Encore’s Customer-Driven Solution Makes Algorithmic Optimization Easy and Affordable 

New York City —- Encore Media Metrics, a pioneer in digital attribution, today announced the launch of its new cloud-based analytics platform. With the introduction, Encore is making advanced measurement and impactful optimization easy, efficient and affordable for brands and agencies of all sizes.

According to Tina Moffett of Forrester, “Marketers need guidance on development, management and analysis of complex marketing efforts. Attribution vendors need to deliver what customers are looking for: turning insights into action, calculating accurate performance metrics, providing a holistic view of the customer purchase path, and taming the messiness of big data.”

Leveraging six years of research and innovation, Encore designed its platform to address these unmet customer needs, delivering clear and compelling insights that are readily available and easy to act on – without data overload. Beyond automated ingestion, algorithmic modeling and visualization of paid, earned and owned media, Encore’s new platform provides powerful insights, and prescriptive recommendations for reducing waste and optimizing spend. Encore’s platform enables customers to make real-time updates and modifications directly in the web-based User Interface, providing unique personalization and efficiency. Best of all, Encore’s solution is easy to implement, easy to use and priced to fit budgets of all sizes.

“Encore’s new platform delivers robust analysis, insights and recommendations marketers need to measure and optimize campaigns with confidence, said Gunnard Johnson, SVP Analytics, Centro. The new Interface delivers the insights that matter without overwhelming us with data. They’ve done a great job of delivering statistically modeled outputs while giving us control and flexibility in how the insights are presented.  I believe it’s a smart and affordable solution that fills the gap in today’s marketplace.”

“We wanted to make advanced analytics easy and efficient for brands, agencies and partners, said Steve Latham, founder and CEO of Encore. “Therefore, we had to develop a scalable, machine-based solution that would provide clear and compelling insights, along with actionable recommendations for optimizing spend. We also had to simplify the user experience by reducing the complexity and level of effort typically required by a customer. Lastly, we had to make it affordable for the majority of market.”

Encore’s new cloud-based platform aggregates and analyzes conversion path data using proven models for attributing fractional credit to each interaction along the way. Programmatic reports, insights and recommendations for optimizing spend are presented in a customizable User Interface that allows each customer to personalize how insights are presented and acted on. A predictive analysis module forecasts future results and the expected lift in performance from optimizing on Encore’s insights.

“Encore’s platform delivers real savings and improved returns for our clients” said Kunick Kapadia, Channel Analytics Supervisor, The Gate Worldwide. “Analyzing the true impact of each media channel is an enormous undertaking, but Encore’s real-time dashboard unlocks these data points and turns them into actionable insights. They have more than paid for themselves through the savings and enhanced ROI as a result of our partnership. I would recommend Encore as the go-to solution for clients of all sizes.”

Learn more about Encore’s new Attribution Platform.


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