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Courtesy of TapadAdExchanger just published a great article about the latest cross-device attribution work we did for Monarch Airlines. By incorporating cookieless tracking and the Tapad device graph, we were able to deliver unparalleled insights into the cross-device customer journey.  In the article, our client discusses the growing need for cross-device insights and how the advanced insights enabled a new level of campaign optimization. Read the article on cookieless, cross-device attribution.

In conjunction, we also announced the successful results of our partnership with Tapad and the eye-popping results from the Monarch case study.  Read our cross-device partnership announcement.

What’s Wrong with Cookie-based tracking?
As data increasingly shows (see case study below), the cookie  is becoming less and less reliable for identifying users.  Whether on desktop (Safari, Firefox) or mobile / table (IOS), cookie blocking and deletion is disrupting the ability to capture the customer journey via cookies (even one the same browser).  If you take into account the growth in cross-platform engagement (searching on mobile, buying on desktop), the problem is exacerbated and the cookie-based customer journey is quickly disaggregated.

Solution: Cookieless Tracking + Cross-Device Attribution 
To address these challenges, two key ad-tech innovations are needed: cookieless tracking and device mapping from partners like Tapad and Oracle / Crosswise.  Cookieless tracking uses probabilistic matching of non-PII data to identify browsers and devices without the use of cookies.  Cross-Device data enriches fractional attribution by linking touchpoints across disparate browsers and devices, enabling marketers to stitch together the cross-device customer journey.

By incorporating cookieless tracking and 3rd party device graph to join user IDs we can:

  • Provide a more comprehensive view of browser-specific and cross-device engagement
  • Allocate fractional credit to Impressions and Clicks that would otherwise be undercounted
  • Deliver even more accurate insights and recommendations, enabling better optimization

monarch-logoCase study: Monach Airlines
With the objective of providing comprehensive, cross-device insights, Encore by Flashtalking utilized cookieless tracking and the Tapad Device Graph™ to provide cross-device, fractional attribution across mobile and desktop media.  A few of the key takeaways are summarized below:

  • 38% of visitors blocked or deleted cookies
  • 42% of converters were matched to the Tapad Device GraphTM
  • 61% of matched converting IDs were bridged (>1 browser ID)
  • Among bridged converters, there were 2.0 IDs per user
  • Unified, modeled data resulted in a 35% lift in ROI attributed to Display advertising

“Both desktop and mobile play important roles in the customer journey. As such, the need for accurate, cross-device insights is critical.  By analysing the cross-device customer journey, we can measure and optimise media investments with even greater confidence” – Monarch Airlines

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