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Encore Media Metrics helps media managers optimize digital spend. Encore’s Ensemble Algorithmic Attribution platform provides impactful insights and recommendations advertisers need to make the most of their media dollars while making advanced analytics easy and affordable for brands of all sizes.

Serving leading Brands and Agencies, Encore is bringing new methods for measuring impact and quantifying ROI from paid, owned and earned media.  Leveraging proprietary technology and a decade of media buying experience, Encore looks across channels and beyond the last click in measuring the impact of all digital touchpoints that precede an online visit or conversion.

Encore was founded with one mission in mind: to improve and simplify the process of measuring performance of digital media across channels and throughout the funnel.  Given the dearth of effective and affordable measurement solutions, coupled with the fact that online data capture, management and reporting is a specialized discipline, Encore seeks to become the trusted partner and outsourcer for marketers (brands, agencies and publishers) seeking better insights, less complexity and lower operational costs.

Encore was founded by experts in online media measurement (meet the team!), leveraging 40+ years of collective online marketing and measurement experience to address the needs of customers.  Encore is backed by a blue-chip advisory board of industry leaders.

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